Shipping and Returns

How much does this cost?

We have a variety of products in our inventory, priced differently from each other. When you fill out the profile, we will know your budget and shall stick to it while curating your box.

Is there a styling fee?

Yes, a basic minimum of Rs. 500, but for first-timers the fee is waived

Am I signing up for a monthly subscription or regular box by filling out this profile?

Once you sign up, your profile is entered into our database and you don’t have to fill it again. You could choose to order ad hoc, or enter into a recurring monthly or quarterly subscription with us.

Do I have to pay for the full box before I receive the box?

Yes, you have to pay for the entire box upon delivery. However, you have the full freedom to keep what you like and return what you don’t. You have 3 days to decide and schedule a pickup with us. Within 5 days after we receive the products from you, we will refund the amount. Of course, the products need to meet QC and arrive back to us in unworn, undamaged condition to be eligible for refund.

What mode of payment do you accept?

Your payments can be online or COD

Couldn’t I just pay for the items that I like and not for the entire box? I don’t want to get into the hassle of Refunds.

The box is designed such that the items in it complement each other. Style Nook is all about the box experience and we’d love you to try everything our stylists have painstakingly curated for you. And we promise, refund won’t be a hassle!

How will I know the cost of each item in my box ?

Before you get your box delivered, you shall receive a detailed summary of the products and the total amount. Once the box is delivered, it will contain an itemized invoice for each item sent.

Do you offer sales or discounts ?

Not currently.

When will I receive the BOX?

We aim at delivering your BOX within 10-15 days from the date of your order. Our team is on its toes to expand our work strength and get your box delivered in a shorter span soon!

Can I exchange for another size in the same product?

We do not offer exchange in our services

What do I do if my order is received in a damaged condition ?

We perform a thorough quality check before dispatching the box. However, if you land up with a damaged or tampered parcel due to transit woes, kindly notify by sending a photograph and we will process the refunds

Can I change my delivery address ?

You cannot change the delivery address once an order has been placed. For your subsequent orders, you can update your profile if you wish to change delivery address.

I entered an incorrect delivery address, what should I do ?

Inform us at customer support immediately.

Are there any delivery charges ?


Are there any hidden fees ?

No, what we quote is exactly what you have to pay

How do returns work?

You will have 3 days to notify us regarding product returns and we shall revert within 3 days with a ‘Return Form.’ We expect you to keep all the tags intact and repack in its original box. Our shipping guy will pick it up from your home and we shall refund with a cheque or an online transfer after a brief check.

What if I want to keep everything in my box?

We’d love for you to do that! The box will be considered as a completed order, while feedback can be shared via emails.

What if I’m not able to send back my items within the three day trial period?

A reminder shall be sent post the 3 day trial period, if there are no return requests post a reminder, we shall process it as a box you’d like to keep.

When will a return not be processed and refund not done ?


  • Tags are removed
  • Items are damaged or used
  • The 3 days trial period has passed

If you decide not to refund the product I returned, can I ask you to send the product back to me?

No, the product shall not be sent back once we have received it back in our warehouse.

How long do I have to send back the items that I don't want to keep ?

Once you request a return, we will get in touch within three days and schedule a pickup according to your convenience. You can utilize this 3 day window to decide whether you want to keep the items or return them.

How do I get refunds?

Refunds will be available by a cheque or a bank transfer upon your wish.

You can either choose to receive a cheque or we will arrange a refund via bank transfer within 5-7 days. Refunds are initiated within 2 days of product inspection.

What if I don’t like any of the items in my box? Can I return them all?

Oh, that’s disheartening. Our stylists invest a lot of time in curating your box, but if still you are unhappy with the contents and think of a return, notify within the 3 day trial period and we will take everything back.

With your return, we’d love to get feedback on what went wrong so that we can be better next time!

What if I like a product , but it does not fit me , or I want it in a different color?

Since, we do not replace an item, we will refund it at that moment. But, our stylists will make a note of it to deliver your choice in the next box.