How It Works!

Tell us about yourself

Build your style profile online

Tell us all about your tastes, your style, your preferences. Fill us in on your work dress code and give us your budget. We want to know everything!

Bring out the measuring tape

Fill in your size details. Let us know what you love to flaunt and what you aren’t comfortable showing off. We’ll pick out pieces that flatter. Promise.

You’re done in a flash

Building your profile is easy and fun. It won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time. Remember, the more details you give us, the better we can style you.


Your stylist gets to work

Ask for your box

Pay a Rs. 250 styling fee to confirm your request and get your own stylist (at the price of a cup of coffee). This is redeemed against what you keep.

Get your own stylist

Your stylist will study your profile to learn everything she can about you. She’ll know your style inside-out so she can pick out exactly what you’ll love.

It’s all about curation!

Your stylist hand picks pieces that fit your budget, your body type, your job and your personal style to create a delightful experience for you.


Keep what you like, return the rest

You’ve got mail!

Your StyleNook box gets delivered to your doorstep so you can try on all the pieces in the comfort of your own trial room – your home.

No pressure

After your box is delivered, you have 3 days to try on everything that we have sent. Decide which pieces you’ve fallen in love with and want to keep.

Complete your checkout

Once you’ve made your decision, let us know online and we’ll pick up the pieces you want to return. Guess what, you pay ONLY for what you keep.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see pictures of pieces you’ve picked for me before you send the box?
What looks good on a model often doesn’t always look good in reality and vice-versa - we’ve all experienced this. This is because the model has a different body frame. Your stylist keeps your body frame and measurements in mind when picking products for you. You only get the complete StyleNook experience when you try on these products, along with the styling tips!
We are a personalised styling service. The stylist studies your profile and sends you pieces apt for your role, keeping your preferences in mind. When you request a box, please do leave a note for your stylist and let her know what you’re looking for in that box. Your stylist will try to accommodate your request.
Our stylists can help you discover your personal style, provide you with expert fashion advice, and help you save time! Our stylists are constantly hunting for interesting pieces from offline and online stores. They also leverage recommendations from our engine to deliver a hassle-free experience to you.
No worries! You can return everything - returns are always free. Please do give us your feedback on the items you’re returning so we can do better next time.